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COSMOSTAR-Handle with Care

                Experience • Quality • Care

                                                                                            “For durability,
              “It takes a tough                                                                  power and
              sprayer to handle a                                                          reliability under
              tough job”                                                                     tough working
                                                                                            conditions with
                                                                                           affordable price”

              SPRAYER  HEAVY DUTY                                     GENERAL
    CLASSIFICATIONS  APPLICATIONS                                     APPLICATIONS
                             •    HULK 10-inch                        •    COMPACT 6-inch

                             •    FLASH 7-inch                        •    ENCO 4-inch
               TYPICAL       Marine and shipyard                      New construction and
       APPLICATIONS          Off-shore                                maintenance
                             Rail cars and other transport            Bridge painting
                             vehicles                                 Tank manufacturing and
                             Chemical and petrochemical               maintenance
                             plants                                   General metal and fabrication
                             Public works facilities                  Farm and construction
                             Pulp and paper mills                     machinery manufacturing
                             Nuclear and conventional power           Rail car manufacturing
                             Metals and mining
               TYPICAL       Industrial protective coatings           Industrial protective coatings
   FLUIDS HANDLED            High solids epoxy primers and            High solids epoxy primers and
                             coatings                                 coatings
                             High solids polyurethane                 Urethane coatings
                             Waterborne coatings
        PRODUCTION  HIGH                                              MEDIUM
                   RATE      •    Up to 7400 psi                      •   Up to 4600 psi

                             •    Up to 15.0 lpm                      •   Up to 4.8 lpm
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