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宇星 AM0701 ロータリベーン式エアーモーター 爆発性ガス・粉塵爆発雰囲気、高温・高湿等の悪条件下でも使用可能 過負荷時に減速または停止することでオーバーロードを回避 同出力の電動防爆モータに比べ小型軽量化 jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height


Agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersion in your mix tank or throughout the whole painting system.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable and reliable in harshest environment
  • Non electrical sparkling
  • Cool running
  • Long-life accessories
  • Mounting Types

    • Round - cap mounting
    • Square - cap mounting
    • Adjustable drum cap mounting
    • Portable mounting
    • Manual elevetable mounting
    • Automatic elevetable mounting
    • Fixed drum mounting with elevetable stand
    • Elevetable agitating station
    • Screw driven mounting

    Techanical Data

    Air Motor ModelAM0701
    Operation Air Pressure1.0-7.0 bar
    Maximum Power Output0.9 HP
    Maximum Torque Output3.0 N/m
    Maximum Rotation Speed3000 RPM
    Maximum Air Consumption750 L/s
    Weight2.61 kg



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