10 September 2020

What is High-Pressure Airless Sprayer?

The difference between high pressure airless and air sprayer is the principal of air atomizing spray. High-pressure airless sprayers use pressure to atomize the paint sprayer, so the spray gun doesn’t need to rely on compressed air to assist in atomizing the paint.  Because the high-pressure airless sprayer spraying area is extremely wide really, so it’s suitable for application on the hull, container, large buildings, and wall and floors of the new building.  Using airless sprayer also less material waste than air sprayer.

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Our mission to represent Best Value products in fluid handling equipment industry. With broad products range we aim to One Stop Solution for our customers.  We provide a fully comprehensive range of products covering various areas of fluid handling applications,including sprayfinishing, fluid agitating, air-operated pumping, sealant, lubricant, adhesives and large scale power applicationequipment for all industries. .

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