17 November 2020

What Is Gas Hydraulic Airless Sprayer?

Gas hydraulic airless sprayer power comes from a gas engine to start the hydraulic motor that drives the fluid section. The benefit of using gas hydraulic airless sprayers is it has greater performance in pressure and flow rate. Applications which are suitable in using gas hydraulic airless sprayer are interior foundation coatings, exterior industrial applications, roof coatings and many more.

Cosmostar offers Speedcoat gas hydraulic airless sprayer with advanced performance. Our sprayers work under the heaviest environment while maintaining reliable performance. Designed to be durable, efficient, and reliable.


06 November 2020

Air motors - Why are these motors something to be preferred?

Air motors are used for producing continuous rotary power from the compressed air system. These boast number of benefits over the electric motors. The advantages are:

  1. As these do not require electrical power so these could be used for the volatile atmospheres.
  2. These generally comprise a high density of power and so a smaller air motor could deliver the same power as the electric counterpart.
  3. The electric motors are unlike the air motors and could operate without requiring the auxiliary speed reducers.
  4. The overloads could exceed the torque of stall and generally cause no harm to the air motors. With electric motors however overloads could trip the circuit breakers and therefore an operator must reset them before the equipment is restarted.



10 September 2020

What is High-Pressure Airless Sprayer?

The difference between high pressure airless and air sprayer is the principal of air atomizing spray. High-pressure airless sprayers use pressure to atomize the paint sprayer, so the spray gun doesn’t need to rely on compressed air to assist in atomizing the paint.  Because the high-pressure airless sprayer spraying area is extremely wide really, so it’s suitable for application on the hull, container, large buildings, and wall and floors of the new building.  Using airless sprayer also less material waste than air sprayer.

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