CosmoStar Tethys Air Purge 2K GUN

Superior air purge spray gun for PU foam and heavy coating. The new Cosmostar Tethys 2K Gun is developed to reduce downtime, fast and easy to maintain, less clogging, and increase your productivity. Tethys 2K gun is highly reliable and easy to use even in difficult spraying positions.

Features and Benefits
  • Superior air purge spray gun for heavy coating
  • Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material
  • Less clogging
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Easy to clean
  • High resistance and durability
Technical Data

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Plural-component equipment is used to spray very high and 100% solids coatings with pot lives that are very short—from as little as 30 seconds up to a few minutes. COSMOSTAR Plural Component Sprayer is designed for spraying high viscosity fluid, high solid content material coating. The gravity feed, flush pump and fluid heater can be implemented to face the hardest environment and any coating applications. Getting the “right and accurate” equipment is the most important consideration in coating PU foam and polyurea, or any 2K material. COSMOSTAR PF series plural component can always be your solution by providing high power output with precision mixing ratio. Few advantages of plural component sprayer are a) cost savings, Plural component equipment mixes your application elements in real-time as you’re applying them, which means you’re only mixing what you need for the job; b) time savings, cleaning that hot pot takes some time and effort, where the Graco plural component sprayer just needs to be flushed out and shut down; c) Environmental friendliness, plural component proportioners use very little solvents, and in the case of 100% solids, there’s none at all (except for flushing). This means that emissions are reduced significantly when you use plural component equipment.