A0116 10" 70:1 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

A0116 HULK 70:1 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

It takes a tough sprayer to handle a tough job COSMOSTAR Hulk Airless Sprayers / Airless Paint Sprayers offer highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment.

Combination of extreme pressure ratio, high flow rate and rugged design make COSMOSTAR Hulk Airless Sprayers ideal for handling extremely viscous fluids.

COSMOSTAR Hulk Airless Sprayer is the answer for your heavy-duty spray applications.

Features and Benefits
  • The newest technology of air motor
  • Higher pressure ratio for higher flows
  • longer lines and better atomization
  • Wide spraying and coating covered area
  • Simple maintenance on fluid section
Technical Data

Cosmostar Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

Cosmostar best pneumatic airless sprayer offers highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment. Cosmostar provides best Graco pneumatic paint sprayer with maximum pressure ratio, high flow rate, and high durability, it is specially designed to handle extreme viscous fluids and heavy-duty project. Graco airless sprayer is not only reliable but also readily available in the market for home users as well as painting professionals. The good thing about using airless paint sprayer is that it coats the surfaces evenly and thus, no paint goes for a waste. In addition, these sprayers have filters and reversible spray nozzle flow rates for meaning and cleaning them. The heavy duty sprayers on the wheels can be used as well. The type of sprayer you intend to choose depends on a number of factors, for instance, you will need smaller sprayers if you are a home owner and slightly bigger models if you are industrial or commercial contractor. Another important consideration is general intent for painting. Some models are specifically designed for home use while others are for industrial usage. If you are looking for Graco airless pump paint sprayer for sale Indonesia, our Jakarta and Surabaya distributors are ready to assist you. We are your best and trustworthy supplier for airless pump sprayer online.