Radial Piston Air Motor with Gear Box Series

AM0707 1/2HP Five-piston radial air motor has designed for high durability, an extremely robust structure to deal with the hardest environment. jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height $(function() { $( "#accordion" ).accordion({ heightStyle: "content" }); });


AM0707 Radial piston motors can operate at a low speed while delivering high torque, and keeps low level of noise. Also various gearboxes are also available to provide the best torque and in right rotary speed for every application. The medium used by the COSMOSTAR air motor is oil mist. This makes the motors unique in that they require no servicing at all, apart from ensuring that the correct air quality is supplied.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable and reliable in harshest environment
  • Non electrical sparkling
  • Cool running
  • Long-life accessories
  • Mounting Types

    • Round - cap mounting
    • Square - cap mounting
    • Adjustable drum cap mounting
    • Portable mounting
    • Manual elevetable mounting
    • Automatic elevetable mounting
    • Fixed drum mounting with elevetable stand
    • Elevetable agitating station
    • Screw driven mounting

    Techanical Data

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    Air Motor ModelAM0707
    Operation Air Pressure1.0-6.0 bar
    Maximum Power Output1/2 HP
    Maximum Torque Output7.0 N/m
    Maximum Rotation Speed1700 RPM
    Maximum Air Consumption600 L/min
    Weight5.0 kg



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    Cosmostar Agitators and Air Motor

    COSMOSTAR Agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersion in your mix tank or throughout the whole painting system. It designed to meet challenges of today’s paintings and coatings. COSMOSTAR Pump Agitators can be mounted in almost every position you wish and still delivers smooth work with little vibration. Air motors are often chosen for mixers that are frequently moved or must fit into areas with space restrictions. Thus it offers a wide variety of mounting possibilities. Because our agitators use air motor, they don’t require electrical power, thus can be used in volatile location. Air motors are often chosen for mixers that are frequently moved or must fit into areas with space restrictions. They also have lower risk of failure due to misapplication.  Specifically, pneumatic motors simply stall when overloaded whereas electric motors can overheat leading to permanent failure. With the pneumatic agitator for sales and support of our distributors in Indonesia, we provide pump agitator and air motor for sale Indonesia, we guarantee to deliver best product and reliable customer service.