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Cosmostar has been a domestic front runner among fluid handling equipments manufacturers for decades.

This is partly because we provide a fully comprehensive range of products covering various areas of fluid handling applications, including spray finishing, fluid agitating, sealant, lubrication, adhesives and large scale power application equipment for the contractor industry.

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Our mission to represent Best Value products in fluid handling equipment industry. With broad products range we aim to One Stop Solution for our customers.  We provide a fully comprehensive range of products covering various areas of fluid handling applications,including sprayfinishing, fluid agitating, air-operated pumping, sealant, lubricant, adhesives and large scale power applicationequipment for all industries. .

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COSMOSTAR designs and manufactures 500+ fluid handling equipments and provide solutions for the industries worldwide. 


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Airless Sprayer

Airless Sprayer

Equipped with 4 types of air motor, Enco 4” , Compact 6”, Flash 7”, Hulk 10” to handle variety protective coating application.

Plural Component Sprayer

Plural Component Sprayer

The Cosmostar Plural-Component Sprayer is designed for spraying high viscosity fluid, high solid content material coating.

Rotary Air Motor

Rotary Air Motor

COSMOSTAR agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersio throughout the whole painting system.

Pneumatic Piston Pumps

Pneumatic Piston Pumps

Pumps that last At COSMOSTAR we provide durable pumping solutions for your applications.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

High quality and fine finish spray package for all kind of coating application. 

Sealant Piston Pumps

Sealant Piston Pumps

Pumping your highest volumes and viscosity! With higher pump pressures and flow rates

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