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AODDP is typically used in transfer applications. This kind of pump is relatively reliable; it can be dry run and can pump dirty/ contaminated liquids. Some Typical Applications of AODDP

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump ( AODDP) is a type of positive displacement pump which is powered by compressed air. Understanding AODDP basics can help AODDP perform at its best in a specific application. 

Before operating your equipment for the first time or any time, always remember to follow those steps to make sure your equipment is pressure-free.

Airless sprayer system using a pump to deliver fluid high pressure to the spray tip. The high pressure creates atomizing or breaking up fluid into small droplets without the use of compressed air.

Gas hydraulic airless sprayer power comes from a gas engine to start the hydraulic motor that drives the fluid section. The benefit of using gas hydraulic airless sprayers is it has greater performance in pressure and flow rate.

The difference between high-pressure airless and air sprayers is the principle of air atomizing spray. High-pressure airless sprayers use pressure to atomize the paint sprayer, so the spray gun doesn’t need to rely on compressed air to assist in atomizing the paint.