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宇星 AM0705 1/8 HP ラジアルピストン形エアモータ 【特長】 ・グリース封入式により、取付け方向は自由です(エアルブリケータでの給油が必要です)。 ・バランサ機構を内蔵していますので、振動が少ない動作が得られます jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height


AM0705 three-piston air motor is a range of air motors using the radial piston principle. Radial piston motors can operate at a low speed while delivering high torque. The low speed keeps the noise level to a minimum, making this type of motor suitable for all applications that are subject to stringent noise level requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable and reliable in harshest environment
  • Non electrical sparkling
  • Cool running
  • Long-life accessories

Mounting Types

  • Clamp-Mounted (CM)
  • Bung-mounted (BM)
  • U-shape cover (UC)
  • Square-shape cover (SC)
  • Round-shape cover (RC)
  • Manual lift stand (ML)
  • Fixed drum with manual lift stand (FD)
  • Air-lift stand (AL)
  • Air-lift stand with plate (AP)

Techanical Data

Air Motor ModelAM0705
Operation Air Pressure1.0-6.0 bar
Maximum Power Output 1/8 HP
Maximum Torque Output1.3 N/m
Maximum Rotation Speed2500 RPM
Maximum Air Consumption270 L/min
Weight2.0 kg



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