air lift stand agitator

AM0707 1/2 HP Automatic Air Lift Stand Agitator stars

Designed to meet challenges of today’s paintings and coatings Multi functioned COSMOSTAR Automatic Air Lift Stand Agitator is highly recommended for you to give best experience using air lift agitator. It allows you automatically lifting up and down agitator to maximize mixing function with adjustable speed and desired moving distance. COSMOSTAR Agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersion in your mix tank or throughout the whole painting system. jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height $(function() { $( "#accordion" ).accordion({ heightStyle: "content" }); });

Features and Benefits

  1. Automatic up and down feature
  2. Maximize mixing function
  3. Manual and automatic lifting function
  4. Adjustable and wide moving distance
  5. Adjustable speed moving
  6. Suitable for material with high viscosity

M0707 Air Motor Benefits

  • Five-pistons provides high torque capacity
  • Durable and reliable in toughest environment
  • Long lasting and easy maintenance
  • Variable speed

Techanical Data

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Air Motor ModelAM0707
Operation Air Pressure1.0-7.0 bar
Maximum Power Output1/2 HP
Maximum Torque Output7.0 N/m
Maximum Rotation Speed1700 rpm
Maximum Air Consumption600 L/s
Weight5.0 kg



AM0705 1/8 HP Air Lift Stand Agitator

AM0705 1/8HP Three-piston radial air motor has designed for high durability, an extremely robust structure to deal with the hardest environment. jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height


AM0705 three-piston air motor is a range of air motors using the radial piston principle. Radial piston motors can operate at a low speed while delivering high torque. The low speed keeps the noise level to a minimum, making this type of motor suitable for all applications that are subject to stringent noise level requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Durable and reliable in harshest environment
  • Non electrical sparkling
  • Cool running
  • Long-life accessories

Mounting Types

  • Clamp-Mounted (CM)
  • Bung-mounted (BM)
  • U-shape cover (UC)
  • Square-shape cover (SC)
  • Round-shape cover (RC)
  • Manual lift stand (ML)
  • Fixed drum with manual lift stand (FD)
  • Air-lift stand (AL)
  • Air-lift stand with plate (AP)

Techanical Data

Air Motor ModelAM0705
Operation Air Pressure1.0-6.0 bar
Maximum Power Output 1/8 HP
Maximum Torque Output1.3 N/m
Maximum Rotation Speed2500 RPM
Maximum Air Consumption270 L/min
Weight2.0 kg



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