Spray Gun

Cosmostar Heavy Duty Reverse Tip

Introducing the Cosmostar Airless Spray Tip – the pinnacle of painting perfection designed for the professional painter demanding both quality and performance. 

X202 Large Air Spray Gun

Designed with expertise for fine finishing

X102 Medium Air Spray Gun

Newly balanced design with better ergonomics for better grip and less painter fatigue

R2010 Airless Extrusion Gun

Operator-friendly gun design

R2008 Injection Airless Gun

Designed for large automatic applications

R2000 Automatic Airless Gun

The automatic airless spray gun

R2006 Premium Airless Spray Gun R2006P+RAC

Premium Airless Spray Gun is known for its high durability & anti-corrosion protection frame

R2006 Manual Airless Gun and R2006+RAC

Designed for large automatic applications