COSMOSTAR M0705 1/8 HP Air-Operated Three Radial Pistons Agitator Bung

COSMOSTAR M0705 1/8 HP Air-Operated Three Radial Pistons Agitator Bung

Designed to meet the challenges of today’s paintings and coatings.

Agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersion in your mix tank or throughout the whole painting system.
COSMOSTAR AM0705 air motor can be mounted in almost every position you wish and still delivers smooth work with little vibration. Thus it offers a wide variety of mounting options.

Features and Benefits

  • Three-radial pistons provide high torque capacity
  • Durable and reliable in harshest environment 
  • Radial piston designs are long lasting and easy to maintain
  • Non electrical sparkling
  • Cool running
  • Long-life accessories
  • Compact and Portable
  • Low Price
  • Variable Speed


  • Painting Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Baking Industry
  • Stirring Ink
  • Various Liquid Mixing

Mounting Option

  • Round/square-cap mounting 
  • Screw-driven mounting 
  • Adjustable drum cap mounting
  • Portable mounting 
  • Manually elevatable mounting 
  • Automatically elevatable mounting 
  • Fixed drum mounting with elevatable stand 
  • Elevatable agitating station
  • Screw-Driven Mounting
Technical Data

Air Motor Model AM0705
Operation air pressure 1.4 – 7.0 bar
Maximum power output 1/8 HP
Maximum torque output 1.3 N/m
Maximum rotation speed (free load) 2500 RPM
Operation rotation speed  1100 RPM
Maximum Air Consumption 270 L/min
Weight 1.79 kg
Propeller Type  Gear, SUS
Volume 10L