COSMOSTAR M0707 1/2 HP 55 Gallon Clamp Mount Pneumatic Agitator

COSMOSTAR M0707 1/2 HP 55 Gallon Clamp Mount Pneumatic Agitator

The M0707 1/2hp 55-gallon pneumatic clamp mount agitator is an ideal solution for mixing mid-viscosity materials in 55-gallon open drums. Its easy-to-use clamp mounting system makes installation and removal quick and simple, while its powerful AM0707 1/2hp air motor can handle various materials.

Designed for various industries, including painting, printing, chemical, food, baking, and ink stirring, this agitator offers high torque capacity and maximum rotation speed, ensuring efficient mixing of liquids with different viscosities. Its air-operated and non-electrical design means it runs cool, is easily controlled, and has low maintenance requirements.

Compact and portable, the M0707 1/2hp pneumatic clamp mount agitator can easily be moved and used in different settings, and its long-lasting accessories ensure consistent and reliable performance in harsh environments.

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use agitator to improve your mixing capabilities, the M0707 1/2hp pneumatic clamp mount agitator is an excellent choice. Its range of features and high-quality design make it a wise investment for any business or individual.

Features and Benefits

  • Equipped with a powerful AM0707 five-piston air motor, 55-gallon stainless steel shaft, and 5.5" SUS gear propeller that can mix most mid-viscosity materials.
  • Comes with a clamp mounting system that allows for quick and easy installation on the side of a 55-gallon open drum.
  • The air motor provides a high torque capacity of up to 62 in.lbs / 7.0 n.m and a maximum rotation speed of 1700 RPM, making it suitable for a range of industries and applications.
  • Cool running, a non-electrical design that is easy to control speed and maintain, with long-life accessories.
  • Compact and portable, making it a convenient choice for use in manufacturing plants, laboratories, and other environments that require the mixing of various liquids.


  • Painting Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Baking Industry
  • Stirring Ink
  • Various Liquid Mixing
Technical Data

Air Motor Model AM0707
Operation air pressure 1.0 – 6.0 bar
Maximum power output 1/2 HP
Maximum torque output 7.0 N/m
Maximum rotation speed 1700 RPM
Maximum Air Consumption 600 L/min
Weight 9.5 kg