COSMOSTAR M0707 1/2 HP 55 Gallon Bung Mounting Pnenumatic Agitator

Agitators guarantee painting quality by thoroughly mixing and better particle dispersion in your mix tank or throughout the whole painting system.
COSMOSTAR AM0707 air motor can be mounted in almost every position you wish and still delivers smooth work with little vibration. Thus it offers a wide variety of mounting options.

Features and Benefits

  • VARIETY OF USES - Ideal for painting, printing, chemicals, food, and baking industries. Capable of agitating a wide range of materials efficiently
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Thanks to its bung-mounting design, setting it up is straightforward. Connect to the air supply, and you're ready to start mixing.
  • BUILT FOR THE LONG HAUL - Crafted to endure severe conditions, the air motor is durable and requires minimal maintenance, while its accessories ensure longevity.
  • NON-ELECTRICAL - This air-powered agitator is safe and practical for any business. It operates coolly, and speed control is effortless for high stability.
  • ADAPTABLE PROPELLER - The 6" SUS propeller expands to fit a 55 gallon drum with a 2" bung, fully opening when the agitator rotates, achieving maximum efficiency.


  • Painting Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Baking Industry
  • Stirring Ink
  • Various Liquid Mixing
Technical Data

Air Motor Model M0707
Operation air pressure 1.4 – 6.0 bar
Maximum power output 1/2 HP
Maximum torque output 7.0 N/m
Maximum rotation speed (freeload) 1700 RPM
Maximum Air Consumption 600 L/min
Weight 5 Kg
Propeller Type  Expandable, SUS
Volume 20L/200L