A0115 HULK 10” 65:1 Airless Sprayer

A0115 HULK 10” 65:1 Airless Sprayer

COSMOSTAR HULK A0115 10" 65:1 Airless Sprayer offers highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment. The combination of extreme pressure ratio, high flow rate, and rugged design make COSMOSTAR HULK 65:1 Airless Sprayer ideal for handling extremely viscous fluids. COSMOSTAR HULK 65:1 Airless Sprayer is the answer for your heavy-duty spray applications.

  • Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, longer lines, and better atomization
  • Wide spraying and coating covered area


  • Marine and shipyard
  • Off-shore • Railcars and other transport vehicles
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Public work facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Nuclear and conventional power facilities
  • Pipeline
  • Metal and mining
  • Industrial protective coating
  • High solid epoxy primers and coating
  • High solid polyurethane coating
  • Waterborne coatings

Technical Data 

Air Motor Diameter 10 inches (HULK)
Pressure Ratio (Fluid to Air) 65:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 448 Bar (6500 PSI)
Maximum Air Input Pressure 6.9 Bar (100 PSI)
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 11.7 LPM (3.1 GPM)
Volume Per Cycle 195 cc
Maximum Recommended Pump Speed 60 CPM
Air Inlet Size 3/4 pt 
Fluid Inlet Size 3/4 pt 
Fluid Outlet Size 1/4 pt
Max. Operating Temp. 82C (180F)