AX1301 6" 46:1 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

Cosmostar is dedicated to meeting our customers' needs, and with the AX1301, we provide an affordable airless sprayer without compromising on quality. Its compact design makes it perfect for applications that demand high mobility. If you're looking for an airless sprayer that's cost-effective, easy to maintain, and highly mobile, the AX1301 Compact 6" 46:1 Airless Sprayer is the ideal choice.




  • 【Design]: High durability and reliability in a harsh environment. Our new technology and high-quality pump give you outstanding performance and a powerful pump.   Designed with a compact size, it is suitable for high-mobility usage
  • 【Applications】Ideal for handling corrosion control, waterproofing, fireproofing, and protective coatings
  • 【Function】The pump system delivers high-pressure power to spray unthinned paint.
  • 【Specification】Pressure Ratio 46:1, Max. Fluid Working Pressure 4600 PSI, Max. Air Input Pressure 100 PSI, Max. Volume Flow Rate 0.58 GPM, Volume Per Cycle 36 cc,  Max Recommended Pump Speed 60 CPM, Air Inlet Size3/8 pt(f), Fluid Inlet Size 3/4 pt(f), Fluid Outlet Size 3/8 pt(f).
  • 【Easy Maintenance】All motor parts are easily accessible and require simple maintenance.
  • 【Accesories】Complete set with R2006 Airless Spray Gun, Spray Hose, and Suction Hose. Ready to paint set.


  • Marine and shipyard
  • Off-shore
  • Rail cars and other transport vehicles Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Public works facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Nuclear and conventional power facilities
  • Pipeline
  • Metals and mining
Typical Fluids Handled
  • Industrial protective coatings
  • High solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • High solids polyurethane coatings
  • Waterborne coatings



Air Motor Diameter 6 inches (Compact)
Pressure Ratio  46:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 371 Bar (4600 PSI)
Maximum Air Input Pressure 6.9 Bar (100 PSI)
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 2.2 LPM (0.5 GPM)
Volume Per Cycle 36 cc
Maximum Recommended Pump Speed 60 CPM
Air Inlet Size 3/8 pt(f)
Fluid Inlet Size 3/4 pt(f)
Fluid Outlet Size 1/4 pt(f)