S0902 Air Spray Packages

S0902 Air Spray Packages


High quality, fine finish spray package for wood and metal applications COSMOSTAR S0902 is an air-operated diaphragm spray package that combines quality pumping system, rugged design, and accurate regulators to produce a first-rate finishing system.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality finish and low-pulsation output deliver a consistent spray pattern
  • Easy-to-use, quick color changes, and fast material refills save more time and money
  • Rugged construction made of stainless steel or aluminum pump handles a wide variety of fluids


  • General coatings
  • PU coatings
  • UV special coatings
  • Water-soluble coatings for leather
  • Timber spraying
  • Furniture spraying
  • Spraying for small-scale works

Typical Fluid Handled

  • Dyes
  • Ink
  • Coatings
  • Solvents
Technical Data

Pressure Ratio 1:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 8.0 Bar
Maximum Flow Delivery 23 LPM
Maximum pumpable fluid viscosity 3000 CPS
Maximum Air Consumption 300 LPM
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 13.5 LPM (3.5 GPM)
Maximum Suction Lift 6.3 m
Air Presure Operating Range 1.4-1-8 bar
Air Inlet Size 1/4 pt
Fluid Outlet Size 3/8 pt(f)
Fluid Inlet Size 3/8 pt(f)
S0902 DDP D0902 3/8”