SD100 X30 30:1 Plural  Pump Equipment (EonCoat)

SD100 X30 30:1 Plural Pump Equipment (EonCoat)

SD100 - X30 30:1 Plural Pump Equipment for EonCoat Application 

The sprayer is designed to overcome the toughest job site environment. Equipped with two positive displacements to provide the most reliable mixing ratio, Hulk 10” can always achieve your expectation of fluid atomization. 



Mixing Ratio 1:1 Plural-Component Sprayer. The Cosmostar Plural-Component Sprayer provides the high-pressure performance you need to spray high viscosity fluid and high solid coatings. In addition, the unit is designed to gravity feed, which may eliminate the need for feed pumps to your cost.

  • Two and three-lower designs achieve a wide variety of mix ratios
  • Two-lower design for a consistent 1:1 mix ratio
  • Reduces material and solvent waste
  • Provides accurately mixed and proportioned material on demand


  • Plural component materials
  • Foam insulation

Typical Fluids Handled

  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethanes
  • High solids polyurethane coatings


Main Pump 

Solvent Pump 
Air Motor Diameter 10 inches (ATLAS) 6" (COMPACT) 
Mix Ratio 1:1 -
Pressure Ratio (Fluid to Air) 30:1 10:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 210 Bar (3000 PSI) 80 Bar (1160 PSI)
Maximum Air Input Pressure 7 Bar (100 PSI) 8 Bar (116 PSI)
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 23.4 LPM (6.18 GPM) 113 LPM (3.0 GPM)
Volume Per Cycle 195 cc

189 cc

Air Inlet Size 3/4 pt(f) 1/4 pt 
Fluid Inlet Size 1 pt(f) 3/4 pt
Fluid Outlet Size 1/2 pt(f) 1/4 pt
Maximum Operating Temperature 82°C (180°F) 82°C (180°F)

Lower Pump Material 

Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel