R0925 1/4" High Pressure Fluid Regulator

R0925 1/4" High Pressure Fluid Regulator

Increase your finishing quality and productivity

For use in airless spray system to control and regulate fluid pressure to spray gun, dispensing valve or atomizing head.

Feature and Benefits

  • Designed for high quality fine finishing
  • Single to double guns applications
  • Durable and stable design, easy and quick to flush and clean, minimizing your material costs and waste
  • By reducing pump pulsation it provides excellent finish quality and consistent atomization

Combinable Applications

  • Applying air-assisted technology allows you to spray with the best finishing quality, more speed and higher transfer efficiency.
  • Back pressure regulator can be added for multi circulating spray system

Above combinable applications will increase productivity and save material costs.

Technical Data

Max Fluid Inlet Pressure  240 bar / 3480 psi
Max. Flow Rate 13.3 LPM / 3.5GPM
Fluid Inlet Size 3/8 PT
Fluid Outlet Size 1/4 PT
Material  Stainless Steel