R0922 1/4" Back Pressure Regulator

R0922 1/4" Back Pressure Regulator

Expert in Establishing Paint Circulation Systems, Stabilizing Spray Pressure, and Quantitative Control

The principle of a high-pressure back pressure regulator (back pressure valve) is used to discharge excessive fluid pressure, creating a stable paint circulation system.

This prevents paint sedimentation and maintains pressure stability when multiple spray guns are used. When both the paint pressure regulator and the paint back pressure regulator are installed, a paint circulation system can be constructed, allowing for quantitative control and efficient coating, essential components for high-performance painting.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized atomization effect, designed for high-quality coating
  • From single to multiple spray guns: high paint saving rate and high transfer efficiency
  • Durable and stable design, easy and quick to rinse and clean, greatly reducing material costs and waste
  • Reduces pump pulsation, providing excellent surface quality and consistent atomization effects

Main Applications

  • General Paints | PU Polyurethane
  • Water-based Leather Paints | UV Specialty Paints
  • Furniture Spraying | Wood Paint Spraying
  • Industrial Coating Materials
  • Water-based Coating Materials

Technical Specifications

Maximum Fluid Pressure 10 kg/cm² (bar)
Maximum Flow Rate 25 Liters per minute 
Fluid Inlet Size 1/4 pt(f)
Fluid Outlet Size 1/4 pt(f)
Material Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy
Type of Regulation

Spring-type/Air-pressure type