V0803 Altas 7" 40:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump 55G

V0803 Altas 7" 40:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump 55G

Experience Optimal Efficiency with Cosmostar's V0803-55G Altas 7" 40:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump

Welcome to the world of efficient fluid handling with the Cosmostar V0803 FLASH, a 7-inch 40:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Pump. This pump is meticulously designed to manage high-viscosity materials, ensuring a seamless flow rate for productive operations.

The V0803 FLASH stands out with its impressive flow rate of up to 8.6 liters per minute (2.26 gpm) and operating pressures reaching up to 320 bars. Its high output per cycle, reduced wear, and lower repair costs make it a reliable, cost-effective solution for managing high-viscosity fluids.
Furthermore, its significant internal porting mechanism ensures maximum flow, while the option of an Air-Powered Ram can be added for even greater performance optimization.

Compared to its Altas 10" counterpart, the V0803 Altas with a 7" air motor offers an excellent balance of power and efficiency. It is lighter, uses less air consumption, and provides a noteworthy cost-performance value.

Features and Benefits

  • High Output per Cycle: The V0803  is designed for exceptional efficiency, maximizing output with every cycle to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Longevity and Lower Repair Costs: Reduced wear on internal components extends the pump's lifespan and minimizes repair costs, making it a cost-effective solution for high-viscosity fluid management.
  • Large Internal Porting: To ensure an impressive flow, the V0803 HULK features large internal porting. This maximizes efficiency and supports the smooth and swift transfer of materials.
  • Air-Powered Ram: Enhance your pump's performance further with an additional Air-Powered Ram. This optional feature provides an extra boost, improving the handling of highly viscous materials.


  • Efficient Fluid Handling: The V0803 excels in handling heavy-to-flow fluids without requiring an extra viscosity reducer fluid. This simplifies your processes and ensures smoother operations.
  • Sealant Dispensing: Whether it's silicone, latex, or acrylic, the V0803  efficiently dispenses a range of sealants, making it a perfect choice for industries dealing with these materials.
  • Lubricant Dispensing: From greases to other lubricants, this pump is equipped to manage and dispense a variety of lubricants effortlessly.

Typical Fluid Handled

  • Sealants: The pump is well-suited for handling and dispensing different types of sealants, including silicone, latex, and acrylic, making it an excellent choice for the construction and manufacturing industries.
  • Adhesives: From industrial-grade glues to specialty adhesives, the V0803  is designed to manage a broad spectrum of adhesive materials, which are essential in manufacturing, packaging, and assembly operations.
  • Inks: With its robust design, the pump can handle various inks used in printing and labeling industries, ensuring smooth and continuous flow for optimal results.
  • Mastics: Ideal for construction and home improvement industries, this pump efficiently handles mastics, an adhesive used for attaching tiles and other construction materials.
  • Lubricants: Whether it's automotive grease or industrial lubricants, the V0803  dispenses these materials effortlessly, making it a reliable tool in automotive and industrial maintenance.

The Cosmostar V0803 Altas is a robust, reliable, and cost-effective solution for managing and dispensing high-viscosity fluids, making it a valuable asset for industries dealing with such materials.

Technical Data

Air Motor Diameter 7 inches (Altas)
Pressure Ratio 40:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 320 Bar (4640 PSI)
Maximum Air Input Pressure 8 bar (116 PSI)
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 8.6 LPM(2.26 GPM)
Volume Per Cycle 140 cc
Air Inlet Size 1/2 pt
Fluid Inlet Size 1 pt
Fluid Outlet Size 1 pt
Weight 94.5 Kg