V0802 6" Compact 24:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump 55G

V0802 6" Compact 24:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump 55G

 Unlock Superior Efficiency with Cosmostar's V0802-55G 6" Compact 24:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump.

Embrace the future of fluid handling with the Cosmostar V0802, a compact yet powerful 6" 24:1 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Ram-Mounted Pump. Tailored to manage high-viscosity materials, this pump guarantees a smooth and steady flow rate, fostering peak operational efficiency.

Despite its compact design, the V0802 outperforms with a flow rate reaching up to 2 liters per minute (0.53 gpm), and formidable operating pressures up to 200 bars. A testament to engineering excellence, it offers a high output per cycle, resulting in reduced wear and tear, an extended lifespan, and lower repair costs.

The large internal porting mechanism of the V0802 allows for maximum flow, while the optional Air-Powered Ram amplifies performance, setting new standards in high-viscosity fluid handling.

Compared to the 7" and 10" models, the V0802's 6" air motor represents a compact, space-efficient solution, making it ideal for applications where space optimization is key without sacrificing power or efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and Efficient: The V0802's 6" air motor provides a compact, space-efficient solution without compromising on the pump's power or performance.
  • High Output and Reduced Wear: Despite its size, the V0802 offers a high output per cycle, leading to reduced wear and tear, longer pump life, and lower repair costs.
  • Optimal Flow Rate: With large internal porting and an optional Air-Powered Ram, this pump ensures a smooth and steady flow of high-viscosity materials.


  • Smooth Fluid Handling: The V0802 is adept at managing heavy-to-flow fluids without additional viscosity reducer fluids, making your operations more efficient.
  • Sealant and Lubricant Dispensing: It excels at dispensing various sealants like silicone, latex, or acrylic, as well as greases and other lubricants.

Typical Fluid Handled

  • Sealants: From silicone to latex or acrylic, the V0802 dispenses various sealants with ease.
  • Adhesives: It can handle various adhesives, making it ideal for industrial applications.
  • Lubricants: From automotive greases to industrial lubricants, the V0802 ensures smooth dispensing.
  • Ink: It is also well-suited for handling inks, efficiently serving the printing and labeling industries.
  • Mastics: The V0802 effortlessly manages mastics, an adhesive used in the construction and home improvement industries.

Compact yet powerful, the Cosmostar V0802 is a stellar choice for industries looking for a space-efficient solution for high-viscosity fluid transfer.

Technical Data

Air Motor Diameter 6 inches (Compact)
Pressure Ratio 24:1
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 200 Bar (2400 PSI)
Maximum Air Input Pressure 8.3 bar (120 PSI)
Maximum Volume Flow Rate 2 LPM(0.53 GPM)
Volume Per Cycle 67 cc
Air Inlet Size 3/8 pt
Fluid Inlet Size 1 pt
Fluid Outlet Size 1 pt
Weight 94.5 Kg