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宇星V0801 10英吋 55:1高黏度擠壓泵浦

抽取高黏度流體宇星V0801提供高機動性並可抽取高黏度流體的高性能,配備宇星10英吋馬達頭55:1 高壓擠壓泵浦,最大壓力達440bar,流量可達14.4公升/分鐘,是您對於抽取高黏度流體所需的設備之最佳選擇。 jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height


  • 高壓力比與高流量增加高產能。
  • 高效能輸出、低磨耗,增加使用壽命及降低維修成本。
  • 獨特的擠壓盤及活塞設計,提供輸送高黏度流體的高效能。
  • 主要應用

    • 輸送密封劑或膠黏劑提供生產所需。
    • 輸送高黏度化學品。
    • PVC密封劑
    • 潤滑劑
    • 強力黏膠劑
    • 環氧化物
    • 丙烯


    氣動馬達直徑 10英吋
    壓力比 55:1
    最大流體工作壓力 440 Bar(6380 PSI)
    最大空氣入口壓力 8 Bar (116 PSI)
    最大流量(60次/每分鐘) 14.4公升/每分鐘 (3.8 gpm)
    空氣入口大小 3/4 pt
    流體入口大小 5G/55G
    流體出口大小 3/4" pt
    重量 160 kg (55G)/ 110 kg(5G)



    V0801 10" 55:1 Ram-Mounted Pumps

    Easy handling extremely viscous fluidCOSMOSTAR V0801 High Viscous Fluid Transfer Pump concentrates on handling high viscous materials. It guarantees a smooth handling of high viscous materials with adequate flow rate for efficient work. jQuery UI Accordion - No auto height


    Cosmostar V0803 provide flow rate up to 14.4 liter per minute (3.8 gpm) and operating pressures up to 440 bars.
  • High output per cycle; reduced wearing for longer life and lower repair costs
  • Large internal porting for maximum flow
  • Additional Air-Powered Ram is available for improving performance
  • Application

    • Handling heavy-to-inflowing fluids
    • without having to inject additional viscosity reducer fluids.
    • Dispensing silicone, latex or acrylic sealants
    • Dispensing greases and other lubricants
    Typical Fluids Handled
    • Sealants
    • Adhesives
    • Lubricants

    Techanical Data

    Air Motor Diameter 10 inches (Hulk)
    Pressure Ratio 55:1
    Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 440 Bar(6380 PSI)
    Maximum Air Input Pressure 8 Bar (116 PSI)
    Maximum Volume Flow Rate 14.4 lpm (3.8 gpm)
    Air Inlet Size 3/4 pt
    Fluid Inlet Size Ram-Mounted 5G or 55G
    Fluid Outlet Size 3/4" pt
    Weight 160 kg (55G)/ 110 kg(5G)



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